Story and milestones

Founded in 1975, Cofimco has become the world leader in manufacturing aluminum and fiberglass axial fans.
The first three years were dedicated to research studies, development, and testing. The most significant innovations, including the aerodynamics of the blade profile and hub design, were patented in 12 countries.
In the middle of the eighties, Cofimco introduced the first line of fiberglass fans using a pultrusion production process. Early successes in the Cooling Tower and Air-Cooled Condenser markets led to a strong reputation for performance and quality.
Today, Cofimco offers fiberglass fans ranging for 5’ to 40’ in diameter as well as wide chord blades for low noise applications.
The patented B series flexi fans were introduced il late nineties.

Through continuous improvement and development, Cofimco offers the most innovative and competitive products in the market. This low vibration technology has become the benchmark for Air Cooled Heat Exchanger applications.
To meet the demands of a global market, Cofimco’s organization expanded. And at the beginning of this century, Cofimco joined the Hudson Products Holding group of companies, creating the largest axial fan manufacturer in the world.
Soon after, Cofimco introduced the CX fan through a collaborative effort with Hudson Products. Used in ultra low noise applications, the CX fan was created with advanced fan design and production technologies.
In 2008, Cofimco established a production facility in China to meet domestic market demand. Located in Changshu, this facility has the capability to produce the full range of Cofimco fans in both aluminum and fiberglass. The Changshu facility has supplied more than 1000 large diameter fans for the Air Cooled Condenser market.
To improve our presence in the growing Indian market, a new production facility has been recently opened. This facility is strategically located in Chennai and produces the full range of Cofimco fans to satisfy any application requiring axial fans.


1975, Cofimco is founded as axial fan manufacturing company.
1985, introduction of pultruded fiberglass blade profiles.
1985, Cofimco USA started operating.
1995, 40F profile has been introduced in production.
1999, starting production of flexi type fans.
2000, 60F profile has been introduced in production.
2000, Cofimco Brazil established to serve South American market.
2004, Cofimco joined Hudson Products Holding.
2006, the supply of CX ultralow noise fans has been started.
2007, 50F profile has been introduced in production.
2006, Cofimco trading in Shanghai started operating.
2008, Changshu (China) production facility started operations.
2011, Chennai (India) production facility started operations.
2012, 35F profile is introduced in production.
2014, Tandem blade design is introduced in the market
2016, Cofimco Service division estabilished
2017, Chart Industries acquired Hudson Products Holding
2018, New 38’ diameter Test Rig was completed